Get Together Dinner

We hope you will join us at the Get Together Dinner on Friday May 14, 2020 at the VyTA Villa Borghese restaurant in Rome.

The Get Together Dinner offers rich opportunity to network and get acquainted with colleagues from your own and other countries. This evening will be informal, relaxed and fun and will include live music.

Participation in the Get Together Dinner is available for an additional fee of 80 Euros.

In October 2015 VyTA brings its concept to the House of Cinema (former House of Roses) inside of Villa Borghese park in Rome, opening the first Coffee, Bakery & Fine Restaurant outside of the context of the stations.

VyTA Villa Borghese has a formal accurate design with film-inspired array where the pixels create decorative patterns evoking the movement of the images in an ebb and flow of materials and colours from black to natural wood, large sculptural lamps, recall the lightening of mirrors of the actors’ dressing rooms, sophisticated and iconic design objects, generate soft and comfortable scenarios making it the ideal location for ICCP2021 Get Together Dinner.

Join us in this place where simplicity and elegance, love for traditional cuisine and polish environment give a unique atmosphere, rich in art and culture, in the inimitable framework of Villa Borghese Park.