Keynote: “Trauma and the Body: Somatic Interventions for Enhancing CBT”

14 Mag 2021
17:30 - 18:15

Keynote: “Trauma and the Body: Somatic Interventions for Enhancing CBT”

As the price for surviving trauma, individuals are left with a host of easily re-activated neurobiological responses and an inadequate memory record. Uncertain of what happened, victims interpret these responses as information about themselves: “It was my fault,” “I am still not safe,” “I am worthless and unlovable.”  Such beliefs about the self affect the body, including posture, breathing, freedom to move, even heart rate and respiration.

This keynote will introduce participants to the use of somatic interventions from Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, a body-centered talking therapy for trauma developed by Pat Ogden, Ph.D. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy offers simple body-oriented interventions that address overwhelming emotions and sensations, intrusive images, impulsivity and acting out, and trauma-related cognitive schemas. By working with the body as an entry point rather than with the beliefs, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy transforms the physical responses that confirm and reinforce the legacy of the trauma.


  • Describe the somatic, emotional and cognitive sequelae of trauma
  • Recognize common somatic markers of traumatic activation
  • Identify appropriate Sensorimotor Psychotherapy techniques for specific trauma-based beliefs