In-congress workshop “Motivational Interviewing: Creating motivation for change”

15 Mag 2021
09:00 - 12:00

In-congress workshop “Motivational Interviewing: Creating motivation for change”


Motivational Interviewing is therapeutic approach aimed at increasing motivation for change. It appeared on the scene with Miller’s ground breaking paper in Behavioural Psychotherapy in 1983. One of the basic elements of motivational interviewing is that motivation for change can be influenced. The manner in which clinicians communicate with their clients can make or break motivation for change. Motivational interviewing is linked with the stages of change concept put forward by Prochaska and Diclemente. Miller used the stages of change model to link each stage with specific tasks that needed to be achieved and possible motivational interventions that can be used to facilitate this. From its beginnings in the field of addictive behaviours, motivational interviewing is now the intervention of choice to use with all client groups when there is a lack of motivation for change.

This workshop

This workshop will give an overview of the communication techniques that can be used in the application of motivational interviewing. The basic premise is that motivational interviewing is aimed at changing people’s mind (from sceptical or unmotivated to interested and motivated) by assisting people to move through the stages of change. Motivational interviewing applies specific communication techniques like:

  • Selective active listening
  • Feeling reflections
  • Conflict Reflections
  • Overshooting reflections
  • Undershooting reflections
  • Devil’s advocate strategies
  • The Columbo technique.

These techniques, with objective and strategic feedback giving, are used to try and tip the decisional balance towards motivation for change.

In the workshop participants will get a chance to hear about these techniques, observe mini-demonstrations and practice some of these techniques in role-plays.

The level of the workshop is intermediate and participants who have done some reading about motivational interviewing prior to the workshop will profit most.

Overview of teaching

The workshop will consist of brief lectures, video or live demonstrations, role-plays and discussions.